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I don't know diddly about the laws in each state as it regards distilling but the recent addition of a Craft Distilling license in Washington State requires the use of 50% Washington supplies. I believe that is only ingredients in the distillate and not hardware etc but I'm quite surprised to see the "resources" page of this website completely empty. It's a down economy and the Burning Still Resources page is basically free advertising if you are a company or person that makes or can provide distilling supplies parts, pieces, ingredients, consulting, bottling, barrels, coopering, tubes and wires and the list is endless.

As I gear-up to distill I hope to exceed Washington State's 50% rule by a large margin by purchasing as much as I can within my state (we can all have state pride and still get along right? - three cheers for the brewing and distilling Oregonians!). So if you know of a Washington (or other proud state) company or person that would be a good resource to distillers - get yourself or them on the resources page pronto! People want your stuff!

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Distilling Resources Page

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It's true, the Distilling Resources Page is available to anyone who would like their product or company listed. Simply put your request into the the contact form for 'Site Distiller'. Companies may also register and post blog entries about their products. These entries are searchable for all members and may be posted to the site front page. The only thing I ask is that your blog post (advertisement or press release really) be in good taste, targeted and respect the level of sophistication of our members. People come here for information. This is your opportunity to tell people (who actually care) more about your product than you can fit in a 3"x6" web advertisement.

Burning Still is a very good place to post product information. We get thousands of unique visitors a month, most if not all interested in the subject of distilling and distilled products. They are comprised of people in the established distilling industry, people getting into distilling, people who have an interest in enjoying distilled products, journalists and legislators.

If you are interested in real advertising on the site, shoot me a note on the contact form.

Burning Still is here to provide the community a place to interact and help build a wider distilling community. Really.

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