Washington State License

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I have no experience in distilling. I would like to learn about distilling potatoes.
Can I get a permit to distill in Washington.


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WA state laws

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There are a bunch of craft distilleries running in WA now, you can check out their various web sites as well as visit them in person.

If you are in the Seattle area, look at Woodinville Whiskey, Soft Tail, Sound Spirits, Bainbridge Organic. All up and running, and quite different in their approaches.

I am working on plans for a small distillery in Tacoma, let me know if you want to talk.

Mark Robinson
Tahoma Spirits
253-225-3307 (cell)

You have to go through

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You have to go through licensing at both the state and federal levels. If you want to learn, it can be expensive. There is no allowance for small batch distilling. You have to be fully licensed before you distill a drop. You other options are to either take a class at a licensed distillery or get a job at one.